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Timothy J. Olzer, CEO and Founder

Timothy J. Olzer, CEO and Founder

Tim Olzer’s philosophy is to be innovative and scientific with what his companies do – and has had his hand in data science and predictive marketing methodologies, right from some of the original generic credit scores, to the first segmentation systems, to the development of tri-bureau attributes, alternative data sources, and advanced underwriting systems.

Tim has always used science and advanced statistics to develop winning solutions to complicated challenges in the financial services arena. These days he focuses on the successful application of these innovations, but he is constantly looking for new data and ways to improve marketing and risk management processes. 

Mr. Olzer holds a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, San Diego, and a M.S. in Decision and Information Systems from Arizona State University. 

As a serial entrepreneur, he’s founded or guided the operations of the following companies in the financial services industry:

  • Scoring Solutions, 2017 (acquired 2017; also an original founder)
  • Lending Science, 2014 (acquired by O2 Consulting in 2015)
  • O2 Consulting, 2006
  • Sigma Analytics, 1999 (acquired by Merkle, 2004)
  • Leap credit (2017)
  • L2C (2000, sold to TransUnion in 2014)
  • Scoring Solutions, 1994 

Product Categories: Agency Services, Analytics, Automotive Leads, Direct Mail, Display Advertising, Education Leads, Graphic Design, Healthcare Leads, Home Services Leads, Insurance Leads, Lead Generation, Lead Management Software, Lead Scoring, Lead Verification, Marketing Technology, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Mortgage Leads, Pay Day Lending Leads, Solar Leads