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Monetize Anonymous “In-Market” Consumers &
Increase Return on Marketing Investment As Much As 1000%

The Internet of Things (IoT) including, mobile devices, computers, and TV’s has given Marketers new ways to track and interact with consumers. The challenge for marketers is that people are engaging anonymously leaving only fragments of digital identity behind.

Finding ways to identify & market to these audiences is a top priority for marketers because of significantly higher conversion and response rates associated with “in market” prospects. In comes CONNECTTM.

CONNECTTM can unmask & reach consumers who have previously engaged with your company, whether you know it or not. CONNECTTM identifies “actual shoppers”, immediately leading you to those who are most likely to use and/or buy your product. It uniquely blends on-line intelligence with data science, technology, and omnichannel fulfillment to create winning “turnkey” marketing solutions for business.

What is included:


  • Imports your data
  • Uses proprietary data science routines to unmask consumers’ omni-channel identity
    • Executes our multi-step, iterative and validated routines
    • Leverages each “privacy safe” off-line and digital identity component including: postal, email, device id’s, social media handles, Ip addresses, Mobile Ad Id’s (MAID), phone numbers, etc.
    • Pairs the result with unique adults on our National Consumer Database
  • Executes omnichannel creative, touchpoint strategy, and execution

and then,

  • CONNECTTM attributes responders accurately
  • Feeds results back into campaign optimization tools
  • Optionally returns off-line identity for traditional marketing


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