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Karen M. Brown, VP

Karen M. Brown, VPGeneral Manager of Risk Analytics Karen Brown joined Lending Science DM as Vice President & General Manager Risk Analytics in May 2019. Prior to joining LSDM, Karen was the Senior Vice President, Model Development for Synchrony where she had the responsibility for the development of all consumer and commercial models supporting Synchrony’s

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John Lesnik, SVP and Co-Founder

John Lesnik, co-founder of Lending Science DM, has over 19 years of experience in guiding firms in the use of data-driven marketing and meeting operational objectives in a financial services environment. John and his team specialize in developing analytically-driven, omni-channel marketing solutions designed to acquire, retain and grow customer relationships across all channels. John has

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Timothy J. Olzer, CEO and Founder

Tim Olzer’s philosophy is to be innovative and scientific with what his companies do – and has had his hand in data science and predictive marketing methodologies, right from some of the original generic credit scores, to the first segmentation systems, to the development of tri-bureau attributes, alternative data sources, and advanced underwriting systems. Tim

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