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Turnkey Direct Mail

One of the most scalable, controllable and cost-effective
channels for generating leads in financial services.

When executed properly, direct mail give lenders the ability to market to broad ranges of highly qualified potential customers in ways that other marketing channels can't. Furthermore, it is an important component of today's omnichannel marketing plans.

However, many lenders find direct mail marketing difficult to manage and perfect. And - for good reasons!

Success requires a "BLEND" of experience, art, science & infrastructure across functions.

DIRECT MAIL is more than a list, a mail piece and a print shop.

Success requires a "BLEND" of experience, art, science & infrastructure across functions.

It all starts with Analyzing product/offer, compliance considerations, market conditions, seasonality, target audience, buying patterns, underwriting, sales process, conversions, competitors - AND - marketing, risk and profitability objectives. Then that understanding must be transformed into a Cohesive Direct Mail Strategy that aligns:

Scientific Audience Sourcing,
Sizing & Selection

Mail Piece Offer,
Creative & Copy

Direct Mail Printing,
Fulfillment & Logistics


Oversight & Execution

Get any one of these wrong and Direct Mail will fail or under-perform. And - one good campaign does not make a winning formula! Each discipline must be dynamically tested for sustained performance and growth.

Finally, Direct Mail works - BUT - it is most effective when part of an integrated Omni-Channel marketing plan.

LSDM's TURNKEY Direct Mail
Marketing Delivers ALL

LSDM Direct Mail Integrates Seamlessly with Our Omni-Channel Solution

We are experts in every aspect of direct mail marketing for financial services. We create and fulfill THOUSANDS of turnkey direct mail campaigns every year and know how to drive high response and conversion rates well above industry standards.

Direct Mail

Case Study

An on-line tribal sub-prime lender was faced with loss of leads on-line when regulations and advertising guidelines changed. They tested direct mail directly with the credit bureaus, but results were weak, and timelines were long between campaigns. In the meantime, funds were undeployed incurring interest.

LSDM formed a two-year strategic partnership acting as it's Direct Mail Marketing Department and creating an infrastructure that the client could then transition to an in-house function.


Why Lending Science DM?

How we can help your business

Low Fixed Overhead

Increase Return
on Marketing Investment

Speed to

Balance ALL
Profitability Metrics

Satisfy Compliance Confidentiality

Optimal Portfolio Performance

All While
Scaling to
Peak Volume

With Options for Omni-Channel Integration